The high cost of living in the Flagstaff area prevents many families above the FPL from affording high-quality preschool

Goal 2: Access

Develop a streamlined system of supports that increase access to high-quality early learning


  • High cost of living mixed with minimum wage increases make it hard for families to afford programming
  • Families are a child’s primary teacher
  • Students with engaged families attend school more regularly, earn better grades, enroll in advanced level programs and have higher graduation rates
  • Families need multiple supports in a coordinated, equitable, and efficient manner


  • Use our Elevate PreK Resource Finder to see what early learning programs you may qualify for, including the Elevate PreK Pilot classrooms
  • Connect with an Elevate Family Partner to help you navigate what programs will help your family
  • Build a Community Collaboration Committee that includes families and service providers to streamline ALL social services needed

Elevate PreK Resource Finder and Elevate Family Partner Services

Want to see if you qualify for the Elevate PreK Pilot classrooms?  Need help finding out what child care or preschool services you may qualify for in Flagstaff?  

Complete our Elevate PreK Resource Finder to get program information and get in touch with our Elevate Family Partner!  

Community Collaboration Committee

LAUNCH Flagstaff is working with community partners to find ways to streamline family support services for all

Families can….
Participate in monthly meetings to share your perspectives on what families need
Receive a stipend for participating
Influence how programs can better help families 
Meet other families wanting to make our community stronger
Want more info?  Email us: