There are 2.5 children for each preschool slot in Flagstaff, Arizona and 2 children for each preschool slot in Page, Arizona


Elevate PreK connects all children to high-quality early learning


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Elevate PreK is launching pilot classrooms that will help fill the gap for children needing high-quality early learning.

The pilot classrooms are designed to prioritize families with a four-year-old (by September 1st) within the 101-250% of the federal poverty level who are currently not accessing any preschool services, as well as underrepresented or underserved populations.

Elevate PreK Pilot Classroom Components

Elevate PreK Pilot classrooms are enrolling for the following location:

Pilot classes are designed to close the gap in early childhood services.

You may qualify for enrollment in an Elevate PreK Pilot classroom or another high quality early learning program!

To apply for the pilot classrooms:

Complete the Elevate PreK Resource Finder on the Family Access page. The Elevate Family Partner will contact you to provide information about what early learning services you may qualify for. Pilot classrooms prioritize families based on the following criteria:

Six Factors will be considered in order to qualify for Elevate PreK:

  1. Families must fall between 101% and 350% of Federal Poverty Level
  2. Family Per Capita Income
  3. The family size
  4. Housing costs
  5. Extenuating Circumstances
  6. Ability to access current Early Childhood services

If your family is interested in applying for Elevate PreK, please complete the Elevate PreK Resource Finder on the Family Access page.  Your family information will be collected and you will be contacted for further information.  If you qualify, you will be placed on a list of eligible families. Completing screening does not mean that your families will be eligible to participate in the random selection process (lottery). If you are not eligible, you will be informed of this decision.

You will be contacted one week before the random selection is to take place to gather additional information and to sign and informed consent.  All families will participate in a research study connected to Elevate PreK.  Once you complete the informed consent to be involved in the research study, you will have an equal chance of being selected (randomly drawn) from the group of qualified families.  Families will be chosen to either be enrolled and attend Elevate PreK and receive free full day/full year preschool or they will be chosen for a comparison group and will be supported to find alternative child care.

Please note, however, some aspects of the project are contingent upon additional fundraising. The number of seats available in the preschool program and how these seats are offered may not occur as described.

Only 26% of preschool programs in Flagstaff are considered high-quality programs.

Research shows that high-quality early learning experiences are what make the difference for children long-term.  Flagstaff has several measures of what denotes a high-quality early learning program:

Head Start

Head Start programs are required to meet the national Head Start Program Performance standards that strengthen and improve the quality of the programs.  The program utilizes a comprehensive approach in meeting the needs of enrolled children and provides them the opportunity to begin their school experience on equal footing with their more socially advantaged peers.

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Quality First

Quality First is Arizona’s Quality Rating and Improvement System that programs can voluntarily participate in to improve the quality of care they provide.  To measure progress in quality improvement, each program participating in Quality First is assessed and given a Quality First Star Rating, ranging from 1 to 5 stars. Star Ratings are based on what research shows are the key components of quality early care and education.

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Accreditation is a voluntary process that schools choose to go through to demonstrate meeting performance standards aligned with well-known quality practices.  The most common accreditations in Flagstaff are through The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the National Accreditation Commission (NAC).

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You can learn more about what to look for in a high quality child care setting, and how to check if your current setting is quality.  Meet with our Elevate Family Partner to receive more information, or complete our Resource Finder.  Visit our Families page to learn more.